Hi, I’m Jess Brown, product designer and curious human.

I'm currently a staff product designer at Faire. In the past, I’ve built and led design & user research teams at VICE Media, Rent the Runway, and Clutter. I like taking on multifaceted design challenges, and look to contribute to team growth, process definition, and systems along the way.

My process starts with understanding people. I want to know who’s at the other end of the screen, and make sense of their broader context and underlying needs. Armed with insights, I advocate for users, helping teams set product strategy to drive meaningful outcomes.

I love zero-to-one challenges, and sweat the details all the way through to execution. On occasion, I’ve even been known to ship production-level code.

I'm not looking for anything new, but I do occasionally consult on tricky design challenges, and design hiring for startups. Curious? Let’s chat!

My Work


Modern moving & storage

Clutter offers moving and storage services, leveraging tech at all layers, to make a stressful experience a bit easier for consumers.

With a small-but-mighty design team, I helped reimagine all customer-facing touchpoints, including landing pages, booking flows, the day-of experience, account management, and messaging.

I also designed internal apps for movers and warehouse teams, instituted regular user testing, and solidified a design system.

VICE Media

Stories worth telling

VICE creates Peabody-winning journalism, thrilling clickbait, and everything in between.

I built a new product design & user research team that owned end-to-end design for all of VICE’s mobile, TV, and web apps. My team was responsible for a large surface area, with collaborators across the company.

For VICE, we designed a new editorial platform from the ground up, for a dozen brands distributed to 30 countries. Once live, we iterated—adding features to better monetize, highlight editorial packages, and present ever more ways to connect with each brand.

Behind the scenes, my team also crafted a CMS to power content distribution to its many destinations.

Rent the Runway

Accessible designer fashion

Rent the Runway offers fashion rentals for special occasions and everyday style. I joined as the company’s first UX designer, and grew into leading the design and user research team.

I helped design and launch RTR’s iOS app, which saw 500K downloads in 6 months, held a 5 star rating in the app store, and improved the web conversion rate by 35%.

I led research to create customer personas, and uncovered insights to shape the first subscription offering. I also architected and helped code up a new design system.